Freestone Capital will help you define your goals and draw a roadmap to reach your dreams through trusted life insurance and investment planning advice in Calgary

Life Insurance and Investment Planning in Calgary, AB

Do you need help building a personal life insurance plan and reaching your investment goals? At Freestone Capital we help people in Calgary every day move closer to their dreams and reach their goals. All our clients receive personalized attention, a clearly documented financial road-map planning out their steps to achieving their dreams. And along the way we make sure all our clients are protected from the risks of life through proper life insurance and living benefits insurance planning.

Freestone Capital Insurance and Investment Services Include:

  • Life Insurance plans to meet your immediate risk needs and create long-term wealth and estate planning.
  • Living Benefits Insurance, like disability, critical illness and long term care insurance, to protect your income, your access to healthcare, and to pay for medical services not covered by the Alberta government.
  • Investment Planning, through the use of mutual funds, segregated funds, annuities, GICs and more, to help you reach your retirement dreams and minimize investment risk along the way.

Using our website to find insurance and investment solutions

At Freestone Capital we have developed this website to help you learn about life and health insurance planning and investment solutions that will suit your needs. Please feel free to look through our website and use the tools available. We want you to find the information you need to make the right risk management and investment decision to help you reach your goals. Our website includes the following features:

  • Extensive content on life insurance, living benefits and investment solutions available for clients in Calgary.
  • Online calculators for life insurance, disability insurance and critical illness insurance analysis to find out how much coverage you need.

Dedicated to Building Your Customized Financial Plan

At Freestone Capital we are dedicated to helping our Calgary clients achieve their goals and realize their dreams. We make sure all out clients are protected from risks, like loss of life, illness, injury and the costs of medical care. From the solid foundation of risk management guarantees we build a financial plan that helps you invest wisely, within your risk tolerance, to get the best possible performance from your investment funds.

Contact us today, and we can help you to. Our team of professional advisors will be sure to get in touch with you promptly and help you find a clear path to fulfilling your dreams and making your retirement goals a reality.

Millions of Canadians are without adequate insurance.

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